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How do I create surface (or solid) from 3D sketch points?


Ok, I'm starting to explain what I want to accomplish...

I have a spare part for my motorcycle that I want to make an copy of, with some small changes.

As I working as an CNC-Operator and have access to both advanced milling and 3D measuring machines (not 3d scanner!) this SHOULD be no problem. Well, the problem is that I have never done this before! And Im also not an advanced user of Solidworks... :)

I have measured a small part of the surface, of the original part. So i now have an IGES file with a couple of points (around 40) that represents points of the surface....

I open it in Solidworks, and here it says it is a 3DSketch... I can see all the points! So far so good... (i think..)

But now what, how do i create a surface from these points? In the end I would like to have a SOLID model of this part, but I need to start somewhere! :)

Here is the file, saved as Solidwork part file: https://www.box.com/s/dsmb620i90845v4ovm82

Any helps is appreciated! :)