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How do I extrude and rotate to make a helical gear?



I am using CATIA V5 5.18 to create this object:

I am a relatively new user - I can create a straight forward extrusion like this :

But how do introduce a 72 degree rotation:confused:

I will need a step by step guide.


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There are many ways to model this gear with CATIA. Often the Generative Shape Design workbench is used to model twisted features. But, here's one way using only the Part Design workbench.

1. Make a sketch of the major diameter of the gear, and PAD this to get the extruded blank.

2. Draw a sketch of one of the gear tooth notches on the top of the blank.

3. Draw another sketch of the gear tooth notch on the bottom of the blank, but with the notch rotated 72° from the other sketch.

4. Use the REMOVED MULTI-SECTION SOLID command, to model a twisted notch from the top sketch to the bottom sketch.

5. Use CIRCULAR PATTERN to copy the notch based on the number of teeth.
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I came across this old "how-to" that provides an easy-to-follow set of instructions based on the Generative Shape Design workbench:


(these are some very simple steps for a beginner CATIA user, but these are not the best methods to use)
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I have now mastered this procedure!

And also now have further understanding of the different ‘workbenches’ available.

I spent a long time trying to complete step one while in ‘sketch’ mode as the ‘Translate’ function is available in this mode but with less functionality and then realised I should be in ‘Generative Shape Design’ mode as you stated above. :eek:

I also had a general problem finding the right button to click as there are lots of them and most are hidden in drop down menus. In the end I found it easier to go straight to the customise menu and list all of the commands and then drag the one I wanted to a custom button bar.

Thanks again – this is an excellent forum resource and I’m sure I will be asking more questions in the future.