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How is Rhino handling with TIFF, PSD, JPG files?


New member

We are a company designing school bags and accessories... We do designs from manufacturing the bag to designing the prints for the bags!! I'm new to Rhino and trying to figure out how this software works and if it would be compatible to what we do.
Is it possible to import TIFF, PSD or JPG files into Rihno when creating the picture of the bag on rendering..?? We are creating our designs into Illustrator and Photoshop and I am wondering whether we can use them designs into Rhino to create a CGI image of the bag with our designs from Photoshop or Illustrator. I've downloaded and worked with the trial version and I've managed to create some sort of a bag... but haven't managed to input a design in from illustrator or photoshop. I know i can input files AI, EPS and PDF formats but coming in as wireframes. Any suggestions? Hints...??

Thanks in advance!


after you have your bag modeled from the parts and such
texture map the surface you want your image on

best to use a PNG with transparency i believe to keep 100% quality and include transparency with out having to use a separate alpha channel
also look at the Decal options.