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How this problem is resolved


I cut the part after projecting

I used swept and created the element

Then I used blend to fill the empty area (it is situated on a curvature area)

The result was this error

How can I resolve this problem?

Thank you
Use the "Fill" feature. Select 1 edge first and select the surface, then change to curvature continuity. Do the same with the others edges and surfaces.


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If you want to keep the round profile; add another Sweep surface along the curves (see picture below), and then add a Fill surface between the two edges to make the spherical end.

[ how are you adding those nice big images ? ]
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Before blending I used fill but received an error message that there is a gap on the left edge and couldn't correct it.

Generally, how I can remove an unwanted gap in a shape, while I always use project and specify a point as a reliable reference for drawing the lines connected to the crossed lines, nonetheless I sometimes encounter gap error? Also, is there any option (in GSD or PD) to check and test a part to reveal its failures?


When Catia is open on the screen, I use Print Screen button of the keyboard and take a photo of the work and then post it into the Photoimpact X3 software. I usually cut the picture as a suitable image or add some lines, color or text based on my requirements. It is a very fast and easy way for preparing a necessary picture, though a very little of its resolution loses.
Hello Mans,

If you have the "gap" error message it means that the contour you selected is not closed.
Be careful to select ALL the edges of your holes.
If indeed there is a small gap somewhere in your surface (for instance 0,0256mm) use the feature "Healing" to join all surfaces (it is next to join feature) this should remove small gaps.

I hope this should work!
Good luck :)


That is a great help, because I often encountered the problem of gaps which fell me in trouble and I didn't know what option can correct the error

Thank you very much senior