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How to add a title block with frame and generate a bill of material


New member
I would be appriciate if anyone can help me.
I have problem with adding, a title block in CATIA drafting, which I made in Auto Cad. I know to add default dassault systems title block,
but I want to insert my own design title block (wich I use in Auto Cad) and to generate bill of material.

Thanks in advanced

Dragoljub Ilic Mechanical Engineer


Super Moderator
There are many ways to handle drawing frames and titleblocks in CATIA V5.

A common method is to use a macro to add/modify the frame & titleblock in the background of the drawing. Using the default script, many companies will modify it to their own format with their logo on it, and customize it to automatically fill in the titleblock from info in their PDM system. This will take some time and programming skills.

But in your case, I suggest simply converting and copying your AutoCAD titleblock into a 2D Component, and place the 2D Component into the drawing background, positioning it within the paper size you selected. The 2D Component can easily be copied to other CATIA drawings.
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