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how to calculate volume in catia 5

Ronny Schneider

New member
Secure correct weight

Sometimes it happens imported parts get wrong information about weight. Ex imported step-files for pnematic cylinders and clamps.
-Add some material and doubleclick on that.
-Tab "Feature Properties" name it whatever you want.
-Tab "Analysis" field "Density", type 100kg_m3
-Apply and OK

-Messure Inertia and copy information in field "Mass"

Open Excel
cell value
1:1 = 100
1:2 = Type in the value that you find in "Mass"
2:3 = The true weigth for the product, often found in vendors productcatalog.
2:4 = =R[-3]C[-1]*R[-2]C/R[-2]C[-1]

-Copy the result in 2:4

-Doubleclick the material.
-Tab "Analysis" field "Density", type in the value from excel ex..

-Apply and OK

-Messure Inertia and you will find the correct weight for the product, in field "Mass".