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how to change co-ordinate system in catia assembly,,...?


in catia product i need to move the co-ordinate system, and i do not want to move cat product, please suggest me...


Super Moderator
The coordinate system of a CATProduct is fixed, and cannot be moved. (It's also invisible, and cannot be seen.)

If you want to take measurements based on a different coordinate system, you can use any Axis System in any part instance within the assembly.


Super Moderator
More options, to my previous post:

2. If the assembly is fully constrained, it should be easy to move the main part to the desired coordinate system, and the assembly constraints should move all the other parts when updated.

3. If you insist on not moving the assembly, another option is to create a new CATProduct, insert the existing assembly, and move the entire assembly to the desired coordinate system.


MrCatia is right.

Why would you want to move an axis system from a part? You would always move the part from an axis system. To make you understand it is a bit like saying "i want to move the location of the wing on an aircraft, but rather than move the wing with reference to the aircraft, I will move the aircraft with reference to the wing"

If you are not fussed about consistency, I would do as MrCATIA said and simply paste the product in a new product and put in a new part at the origin of the new product with a defined axis system. Than I would move my old product with reference to the axis system in my new part. This is assuming your X,Y & Z is not the same as the compass.
in catia product i need to move the co-ordinate system, and i do not want to move cat product, please suggest me...
1. Insert New Part into Product
2. Prompted Origin answer NO
3. Create Fix constrain on this new part. (Delete any Fix constrain in your product)
4. Mark all Parts inside the Product without NewPart and make FixTogether constrain.
5. Make distance constrain with NewPart as you wont.
6. Update Constrains
7. Delete NewPart (or not)

This should move all product to new position.
Because global origin is invisible, inserting new part his plans are global origin, so you can see where it is.
Fixing together all parts they will move all together, but you cannot move manually any of parts. Update FixTogether will not move this part back.

Hope help.