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How to change "Geometric-set" into an absolute partBody in "Shape workbench"?


I imported this STL object into the "shape workbench" but it consists of four separate surfaces, while I want to be an integrated shape without any additional edge.

Is there any solution?

(did you really intend to post this question in the HELP WANTED forum? It looks like a CATIA question)
If you asking how to do this in CATIA:

Switch to the Part Design workbench. Use the Closed Surface command to make a solid from the surface. And then just Hide the Geometric Set.

Here's a nice video:
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Hello, senior

Oh yes, I noticed later, I sent my question to an irrelevant topic
I apologize to you

My purpose was not to create a solid part in the part workbench, I wanted to know, is it possible to change the shape as an integrated one in the same "shape workbench" (integrating the skin)?
Join the OPEN_SHELL and use the Federate ALL option.

(the OPEN_SHELL object is already integrated)

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