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How to change wireframe color


New member
anybody know how to change the wireframe color in assembly? because don't have that setting in assembly color option. The purpose is to make small components in light color wireframe while showing the main components in shaded.

got in part

don't have in assembly

one more thing...is there a function for grouping parts in assembly?
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Kevin De Smet

New member
I think you're right about the colour restriction, as for grouping parts in an assembly you have multiple choices: 1. right-click the parts you want and then "insert into new folder" or 2. right-click the parts and "make new sub-assembly".

The former is more for tree organization only whereas the latter actually physically makes a new sub assembly from those parts, which is generally good because it keeps the sheer amount of mates per assembly down (which improves performance and makes troubleshooting mate errors easier) and it also make making drawings with BOM and ballooning cleaner and neater.

Downside is that you lose some flexibility and sub assemblies tend to act as rigid structures (unless you make them solve as flexible but this is not recommended) so try to find some common ground considering these three factors: mate count, drawing creation, re-use.