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How to Create a 3d Text in Catia V5 (For Beginners) by Cad Guy


New member
And for those who needs to draw text along curve, please try this:

TxtOnCurve - Draw 3D text along curve in CATIA V5 | Scripts4All

Hi guys,
if you need to create curved text in CATIA V5 sketch (feature which is not supported by default), you can use our small utility. It is called TxtOnCurve, it is free to use and you can download it here:

Applications - Some (CATIA V5) tools for everybody | Scripts4All

If you want to see it in action, check this link:


Main features:
  • All basic 2D curves like line, circle, arc, ellipse, parabola, hyperbola and spline are supported
  • Unlike .dxf export where only lines are used, the resulting text is smoother and consists of lines and splines
  • Works with TrueType fonts installed on your system
  • Works with Unicode characters like: ! @ # $ % ^ & * © ® Ř §
  • You can check result (and find possible interferences) in application window before you export it to CATIA
  • You can refine resulting shape by using smoothing algorithm

Thanks for your attention,
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