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How to draw this line & offset diagram?


New member
This is what I construct a diagram according to the desired sketch. Angle Rod.jpg

The arrow which I mark with black has slant line + chamfer R20. I am unable to do that slant on the diagram.

Desired Diagram: Angle Rod Main.jpg

I also didn't understand about three 24 distance dimension given in the sketch. how to use it?


Super Moderator
My interpretation of this drawing is.....

The three 24 distance dimensions define the slanted sides of the 3 legs, with each side being tangent to the R9.5 outer circle and 24 mm from the center. (I think each 24 dimension should include "2 places")

(A easy way to draw the 6 slanted lines: 1. draw the R9.5 circles, 2. draw a R24 circle in the center (construction mode), 3. add lines tangent between the circles, and 4. trim lines and circles)

Once you get the outside profile drawn and constrained (green), use the Offset command to draw the inside profiles of the pockets.

I don't see any chamfers on this drawing.
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Super Moderator
My interpretation of the this drawing is.... a constant width of 4mm at the outside, unless otherwise dimensioned.

So, the center hole has a diameter of 39 (radius = 39/2 = 19.5). The radius of the 3 offset arc (red color) = 19.5 + 4 = 23.5