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How to enhance snapping in sketch mode?

Henrik Lundh

New member

I have been working with catia v5 for several years and over time I got problems with worn out fingers, hands and arms.

There are many things in the interface (assembly and part design) that would have made catia more healthy to work with but accept that such wide collection of modules they cant all be spot on. However i find it surprising that its not possible to increase the range on the smart snap in sketch mode. The "diameter" in which catia starts finding points, lines etc is for me only approximately 3mm and thats no matter how simple the sketch may be and what level i zoom in. This means for me a lot of unnecessary stress on arms and hands especially in periods of much work. All other cad systems i worked with have had something like 10mm smart snap and even if never changed settings in these programs i bet it was possible.

I have searched the internet for a solution but so far no luck.

I would be really happy if someone could help me.




Super Moderator

I'm not sure if this will help or not and if it affects Smart Picks, but it is worthwhile trying. CATIA does have a "pick size" that determines how big the cursor pick area is:

Go to Tools + Options + General + Display and the Performance page, and down at the bottom is a filed to change the Window Size For Picking. The default value is "4." Increasing this number might make it easier for you to select things.


Super Moderator
Have you tried any ergonomic devices that might make it easier for you to interact with your computer?

3DCONNEXION has several models of "spaceballs" that work with CATIA V5. I've used their Space Pilot and Space Mouse before with good results.

LOGITECH has many different mice, some with "comfortable, ergonomic" designs that might reduce some of that hand & arm motion.

Henrik Lundh

New member

Increasing the picsize value was exactly what i was looking for and i cant understand how i missed it all this time:)
Of course with my big hands finding a good mouse to isn't easy but when doubling the value i noticed a big different.

Thousands thanks for the help :D