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How to find a dot (.), asterisk (*) or question mark (?) in the drawing text?


When entering the text to find in the Search and Replace dialog (the FIND command) you can use wildcard characters (since version 2006). If you really want to find the entered character (being a wildcard), you need to add the prefix (escape) character "back apostrophe" (`).

The wildcard characters are:

* # (hash) - numerals
* @ (at) - alphabet characters
* . (dot) - non-alphanumeric characters
* * (asterisk) - any string
* ? (question mark) - any character
* ~ (tilde) - all but the pattern
* [] (brackets) - list of characters or interval
* ` (back apostrophe) - take the following character verbatim (as a standard one)

Any other suggestion so please reply.

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