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How to find Injection Molding Blow Molding Customers ?


New member
How to find Injection Molding Blow Molding Customers ?

My name is Caroline, I am a SolidWorks fans, In our factory, we mostly use SolidWorks for daily working ! Today I will show a topic about "How to find Injection Molding Blow Molding Customers ?, Hope you like it !

For this topic, There are some experience let me try to share with you. During the past years, actually there are many inquiries , Right ? Yearly, someone say, we lack of injection molding or blow molding order, But is it really the truth ?

By this month, we got a lot of small or medium injection molding or blow molding factory's order. *The reason is the Chinese new year coming, many*medium injection molding or blow molding factory's lack of the employee. That will be a big problem for production. So it's a good opportunity if you have worker at this period. Try to contact with them, they may issue a part of order to you, because they lack of workers and worry about the coming lead time.

Another point is , during we visit some big group or injection molding company, they happy to transfer small order to us. I mean the order which has only hundreds quantity request, of thousands of dollars payment. We accept this kind of order, but they don't.


Currently, the China Guangzhou or Shenzhen district, has more and more strictly rules for manufactures, eg, the environment license, the copyright software, the workers higher salary... The situation is : these factories much more pleasure to request Dongguan injection molding or blow molding factories do molding work for them.

But there has one thing you must understand. We accept low price orders, this not means you will put too much energy on this kind of orders. Because if you always make your all equipment is working daily, if there has a better profit customer coming, what will you do ? Only shake your hands , body , your head ??? That's not wisdom.

Remember one thing, the big customer prefer find a trusted supplier, not only consider about the price. I give you an example, By last week, a customer highly request our company do injection molding service for them. The problem is , the last supplier which is a small injection molding company, has 4-5 workers, has been closed. And they also suffered the finance problem for the landlord, the workers payment, and some tax for Government. This small injection molding company can not return my customer mold back now, because the landlord block and locked the house where this small injection molding company working ! So think about is, is it really worth and wisdom to find a small injection molding company ?


Fortunately, even we are a medium injection molding blow molding company, but we did not have suffered such kind of problem in past 18 years. Another reason why this customer request our injection molding service, the reason is : we do one stop service for him. mold design, injection molding, coating painting for the plastic case ...I think the small injection molding company can not offer this one stop service for him.

If you are a salesman, please don't too much care on the customer claim for the price, Because if the product has a better selling price, obviously their cost may much higher than the cheaper price factory. If done a good product or poor quality product, you just use same poor price, I think no one plan to do good product any more. Right ?

But this not means make you waiting for customer's waiting always ! If possible, please try to make a sample for your client. Let the real sample speak with your potential client. If you samples really good, I think the client will pleasure to give you a reasonable price, not the poor price. Please try it !

Normally if we do quotation for someone, we must arrange a small space for customer. Because if you give you customer 2 -3% discount, that must be a great thanks from your customer. I can guarantee this. Of course, our company do it like this way !


I tell you one thing, this is the truth which talked by my USA customer. He mentioned that 15 years ago, he do business with China injection molding blow molding factory directly. This is normally and traditional way at their mind. But now, they stopped this way, and prefer cooperation with the trading company. No matter the abroad company or internal trading company. They issue the order to trading company only, and they think it's the better way which has the safe guarantee. Now you see, where is the problem ? Actually there has a big space if you can cooperation with the USA client directly, If you can get this USA client's trust ! That's the problem !

Remember one thing, during cooperation with your customer, if the coming payment much more than your invoice sales amount, please positively and try to contact with your customer, how to refund this overflowing payment to your customer. Never try to hide this truth and keep silence for this situation. Because if the customer find this truth by himself 2 months later, he will hate you and beware you in the future business. If you lose the trust from customer, the business ...

Do what I have mentioned for above words, currently maybe you don't have customer for business; But future you will. Trust me !

For more topics on how to find your injection molding and blow molding customer, welcome contact with me for a communication. I am happy to chat with you . To study our company more, welcome visit us : Dongguan Sanming Plastics Hardware Products Co., Ltd. | Plastic Mould with Products Since 1996