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How to install Ideas NX 10?


New member
Hello everybody,
1 week ago , i installed ideas NX 10 on my personnal computer because I had to continus an important project at home. But even if I follow step by step the document how ti install when I want to launch it I have this error:
Internal security error -97
You cannot connect to the IDeas FLEm lock server.
Please review your licence file and ressource locking configuration.

if someone has an idea please help me.



New member
internal security error -97

Hi, even i m geting same error "internal security error -97"
Did u solve this problem, if it is please help me also


New member
internal security error -97

I guess I-deas is unable to locate the license server. Check if the license file has the correct network physical address of your machine.


New member
can't get IDEAS 11 to work

hey guys, can anyone please help me and give necessary steps to get IDEAS 11 to work on my lap.
after long hours of hardwork i got till the part where i get E2A Orbix to be installed but when i drag in "dmadmin" to cmd it shows installing after two more steps and then the cmd just suddenly closes

pls help me