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How to learning Solidworks more quickly & better ?


New member
I am a young girl which study the Solidworks, Now I am working at Dongguan Sanming Plastics Hardware Products Co., Ltd.,

Recently, some of my friend ask me how to learning Solidworks more quickly & better ? OK, then I have some feeling and skills which try to share with the person who still learning solidworks hard, like me, haha…

01) Solidworks is just a tool. Don’t regard it as a fetish.
02) Reading five books is not better than using your brain to analyze an example.
03) It’s not difficult to learn Solidworks, but how to use.
04) Do not try to master each function. Be familiar with most relevant part to your work first.
05) Do not look down to the basic tool. In most cases, the complicated pictures are composed of these fundamental elements.

06) Do not ask if there’s some course for learning. The patience will open to search the way.
07) Do not say I can’t understand on let me use English Solidworks or browse English website. Everyone understands from zero.

08) Do not worry on I haven’t learned mechanical design and can’t use Solidworks. I am working at Dongguan Sanming Plastics Hardware Products Co., Ltd. only 1 year, but now I become more and more familiar with the Solidworks. It’s not too difficult. Trust me !

09) Do not just ask without learning, neither just learn without asking.
10) Be persistent in the learning of Solidworks. The one who has patience will not lose his way.

11) Please try to make other pictures in the same way when watching a course.
12) Make summary and absorb the tips and skills from others.
13) Think of it and check the “help” function when coming across a question. if there’s no result after one hour, ask somebody.

14) Making 1o pictures with 3 hours is not better than 3 pictures with 10 hours.
15) Master function before methods when learning Solidworks.

You will find Solidworks is just so so, if you understand the above 16 items. If you have chance to visit China, welcome visit our factory Dongguan Sanming Plastics Hardware Products Co., Ltd. , We can discuss and talked about more during then. Thanks.

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