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How to make a point by formula ?


New member
Dear Friends

Model : Catia V5 R18

In the attached Grid part, i did not know how to mark the points by using formula.

Any body please explain how to make point as like in this model i.e., (N/6) x curve length, where N = 1 to 6.

If any body knows how to make a point by formula means please guide me.



Note :
1) enclosed in winzip file,
2) Winzip file is not password locked,
3) Please understand that iam not asking anybody to do work, just it is to explore and manifest your skills and it will enhance all other (our) Skills. Also note that this is voluntary, not compulsary
4) also uploade in
PDG: How to make a point by formula - CATIA Part Design - CATIAV5 Forum



New member
Define point By formula

I know a little but i think this little knowing maybe become useful!!!
from what did you write i find that you want to define point by formula
so you have some parameter and a formula that give you specification of your points

so you can follow this method to define your points...
but first of all you must define your constant or parameter in your formula.
i think it should be done by click on F(x) icon on the knowledge.... toolbox

so i assume that you define your constants!!:rolleyes:
then to define your formula for your points
1) click on the point Icon

2)right click on any specification like(X,Y or Z) that you want define the formula for it.

3)then click edit formula
in this windows you can define your formula
but i think you can define your formula before this by click on F(x) icon

I work with this tools for modeling an Spur and Helical Gear.
If you cant understand my way:cool:....for learning "writing formula" in catia, certainly read "design an spur gear in catia" in this learning the F(x) icon function was introduced very well.

All my best
Good Luck