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How to make a simple Diamond-like shape ?


Hello !

I've been trying and failing at creating a simple Diamond Shape on Catia V5R20 and I'm looking for help here because I think there is a simple way to create such a form. But I can't do it, it gives me an error.

My plan was :

1 - Create a Trapeze shaped sketch on the XY Plan with the greatest length on the Y axis
2 - Create a Hexagon shaped sketch on the XZ Plan
3 - Use the Rib function to make the trapeze follow the hexagon.

This would (I thought) create a Diamond-like shape.

However, this gives me a Topological error if I put my Trapeze with the greatest length on the Y axis. If I put some distance between the greatest length and the Y axis, then there is no more problem.

So do you know how I can make a form just like this one : Diamond-Like Bottom


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Sorry - I responded before I saw the attached picture. What I posted below previously will not create the diamond shape.

Instead of the Rib command, use the Combine command to produce the diamond shape by sweeping the two sketches in the normal directions.
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One way to create a diamond (similar to the picture attached), is to create a Pad (Hex shape or Square) that is bigger than the final shape. Then Pocket (remove) one of the faceted sides, and use a Circular Pattern to rotate the Pocket 6 times to get the other facets.