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How to Make Part from Block


New member

Can I know how to generate part/assembly from the block sketch? I have already did the 2D simulation and would like to make it to 3D. There is a button called "Make Part from Block" in the Layout Tools toolbar, but it is muted, I can't figure out the way to press it. Can someone explain to me steps to create part/assembly from block

Just like this video : YouTube - Sketch Blocks in SolidWorks 3D CAD Software



New member
To create a part from a block:

1 Click Make Part from Block (Layout Tools toolbar).

2 Select one or more blocks from a layout sketch.

3 Make selections in the PropertyManager as described below.

4 Click OK.

For each block, a part containing the selected block appears in the FeatureManager design tree. The part name is the same as the block name. Square brackets around the part name indicate that it is a virtual component. That is, it is saved within the assembly file, not in external files.

You can open the part to add features such as extrudes, fillets, etc., by right-clicking it and selecting Open Part (context toolbar).