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How to make the Cone

Trying to make a cone here, must've spend over 10 hours on this. If you just angle the sides of extended cylinder, so you still can't work with it. I heard there's primitive shapes tool or something, which would include the cone, but I haven't found that either.


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There are several ways to make a Cone in CATIA V5. The easiest way is to make a sketch of the cone cross section (axis and angled line) and then use the sketch for a Shaft (Part Design) or Revolve (Surface).

There is no primitive shape command for a cone, although there is for a cylinder and a sphere. If you make a lot of cones, you might want to make a PowerCopy or write a macro for a cone.
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Made a line going up in center, and a curved corner (that would form a circle). Neither of the two tools work, shaft says it's not closed, revolve says that the axis is locally perpendicular.