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how to modify CATIA parts correctly?


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Wow - 500 reads in less than 2 days of Arcturus's question about the correct way to rotate a surface! https://www.3dcadforums.com/threads/how-to-rotate-surface-correctly.17679/

I'd like to add to my previous answer: The best way to modify part geometry is to go up the tree and edit the original feature by changing the parameters of that feature. Since CATIA uses a hierarchical structure (history-based), changes made to parent features will be passed down to all the children features when the part is updated. (of course this assumes you have a "smart" model with all of it's history intact, as opposed to a "dumb solid" that has been isolated)

Some users modify geometry with Transformations, such as Rotate. This is an easy way to modify Acaturus's surface, but modifying geometry with Transformations is probably the worst way to do it. Features before the transformation are in one postiion, while everything is in the transformed position later - a real nightmare for anyone who has to work with try to modify this geometry.
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