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How to Pattern Assembly holes in Catia V5



I'm building a chassis that need to be welded in its parts, I have had to use the Assembly holes feature to make an hole that go through different parts and I manage to do it; the only problem that I have is find a way to pattern this assembly hole ( I need to repeat it X times ) because I can't find any command to do it.
Any suggestion?


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The Assembly Features in CATIA V5 are not the best (in my opinion), and I'm not aware of any way to Pattern a Hole. I have't used these, but wonder if the Remove tool could be used to remove a Body containing a Pattern of the Holes?


Thanks for the reply! Yeah assembly feature are not the best in Catia V5, I think that it's one of the many reason why we should stop using the V5 and pass to the 3D experience but I think that V5 will never died so it is what it is.

Regarding the hole you are suggesting to make the incomplete hole in one part and then use the Remove tool to remove the partial material in the incomplete hole?
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I'm having a similar problem would a mesh of points be able to control centres it seams a bit long winded though