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How to project edges from removed feature to sketch


New member
Hy to everyone,

I'm new in catia so I have question: How can I project edges inside the part to the sketch. Picture 1 show part, and picture 2 shows edges I want to project to the sketch. I did this cut by using remove- bolean operator. Now I have to somehow project edges at picture 2 to one side of the part, beacouse I want to extrude this part of the area.


Tnx everyone for help!
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While you are editing the sketch, use the PROJECT 3D ELEMENTS to project lines, curves, points, etc onto the sketch plane.

To avoid errors when modifying the solid, it is better to project explicit geometry (lines, curves, etc), rather than implicit edges from solids.

If you can't see the internal edges, try changing the Render Style to WIREFRAME mode to turn off hidden line removal.