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How to raise text on a surface?


New member
We are having difficulty raising text from a lofted surface. I've used the wrap command to no success as this only works on a cylinder, cone..... surface. The surface we have is lofted, so at this time I am unaware on how to do it.


New member
Creata a plane below the surface and make the text sketch there. Make an extrution "Offset from surface".
Finally cut the text with cut with surface, to get rid of the extrution below the surface.



New member
If its not a lot of text, or is a logo or similar, you can use the "spline on surface" command and create your own text. If the part needs to be machined, you can use a surface sweep with the option to "keep normal constant" ( make sure your path is perpendicular to the machining plane ). Use the "surface fill" command on the edges of the lofted surface. You can then knit and solidify the surfaces. You can also thicken the surface fill that lies on your surface, but the resultant solid will not be machinable without a 5 axis machine.