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How to Remove or hide dimension text?


New member
My problem is to remove or hide the automatic text that is created with a dimension and replace it with a string of text. Can anyone help me regarding the same.
Thanks in advance.
How to remove automatic dimension text

If you are using driving dimensions, you will need to Erase the ones you want to change and replace them with driven dimensions (ones created in the drawing). The single click on the newly created dimension, right click and chose Properties. Choose the dimension text tab. Change the "@D" in the text box to "@o" (o not zero). Then add whatever text you would like to show up. This will work with any dimension type you can create. You can also use this to replace any driven dimension with a driving dimension.
For instance, you have a radius that isn't perpendicular in any view. :eek: Rather than create a complicated view, you can create a radius dimension on the radius in any view you chose, and use the method above to replace the dimension text with the driving dimension name. Then you can simply edit the dimension from the drawing as if you had "shown" it.:cool:
Hope this helps.
Hi Bastien,
By using show/erase I don't think you can lose then actual dimension other than by changing its dimcosmetics to the string required, then in the drawing change the D to a S (this shows the symbol). Created dimensions are easier, change the D to a O and enter the string required.
I hope it is helpful.
Yer right, it doesn't work on show/erase dimension. Thanks


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