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How to retrieve XYZ center point locations for slots n CATIA V5


New member
How to pull XYZ info from a square slot


New to using CATIA V5 and looking for a quick way to pull XYZ info from the squared slot shown in the attachment.
I I have figured out how to make a 3 point circle and then do the math manually for the derived center point.....but with a software this packed with features, there must
be an easier way than busting out a calculator. Until I get training, I would hope someone can help me with this task.

Same question for a rounded slot, like the one next to the square slot?

Thank you. Capture.jpg


New member

New to Catia and trying to find an easy way to get XYZ location for center points for squared slots and round slots. I figured how to get them for circles...
There are a couple ways I've found for square slots like to create a 3 point circle and do the math manually....but there has to be a better way with this software.

Any help would be appreciated.



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I like your 3-point circle method to find the center of the slot. I can't think of an easier way to do it. I don't understand what you need a calculator for.

I thought of using a PowerCopy to get the centerpoint, but that wouldn't be any easier/quicker than your 3-point circle method.

Do you know how these slots were added to the 3D model? Maybe they are based on a hidden centerpoint?

Do you need the center locations in 3D? Or on a drawing with dimensions to the centers? Maybe a Coordinate Dimension Table on a drawing would help?
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For both try the point command, then choose between option for type.

For the square or rectangular hole RMB (Right Mouse Button) for point 1 and choose create midpoint, choose one of the lines.
For point 2 RMB and choose create midpoint, choose the opposite side of rectangle.
Then for ratio enter 0.5.

For slotted hole RMB on point 1 and choose create point, select the half-round curve and then choose center point.
do the same for point 2 and select the opposite end of slot.
Then for ratio enter 0.5

200214 Image005.jpg