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How to save parts of a CATIA product on the same coordiante system



I have been given 20 CATIA part files. I have created a CATIA product with them all correctly aligned using the constraints feature. It is a casting die, so it is important that the surfaces of each part qare correctly aligned with one another.

I would like to export each part as an .STL in order to import them into a CFD software. I want to export them using the same coordinate system so that they are correctly aligned when imported into the CFD modeling software. How do i do this?

I have used solidworks before, in which you have the option when saving as an .STL of using either the part or assembly coordinate system. However, I don't see a similar feature in CATIA, and can't work out another way of acheving the same thing.

I am using CATIA V5 R20

Any help would be gratefully appreciated.