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How to use an object in multiple operations in catia v5... like GSD trim for example?


New member

In Catia v6 you can in generative shape design workbench for example...

you can use a single object in multiple operations endlessly

for example lets say we have 10 frames that go side to side & we have one longitudinal bar that needs to be subtracted (Trim) from all of those frames

in catia v5 once you trim the bar with the first frame the bar disappears & you need to create (copy&paste) another one in order to trim with the second frame & then another one with the third frame... again & again
& you end up with 10 unrelated objects

in v6 after you trim, the bar remains & then you can trim the same bar with the second frame, third & fourth... endlessly
& you can modify that single bar, adjust dimensions... & the result will affect all 10 frames

now imagine if your are working with hundreds of objects that would be tedious & even stupid...

my question is how do you do that in v5?!

i really appreciate your knowledge thank you


Super Moderator
In V5, an object is no longer seen after some operations, but it is still listed in the tree. To use it again, just select it in the tree.

(you might want to RENAME it, or PUBLISH it, so it's easier to find in the tree)


New member
Hello again

I asked the same question on 3dexperience.3ds

& i got this answer by the kind Eric Thomassin:

What you are describing looks like a Linear vs Non Linear behavior. I mean in V5 most likely you were working in the default PartBody which is Linear (meaning that Trim absorbs the input bar), while in V6 you probably worked in a Geometrical Set which is non linear (Trim does not absorb the input bar).
As a consequence, I believe you can try to create a Geometrical Set in V5 and put your geometries in it. The Trim should then not absorb the input bar and you can then trim it endlessly.

the answer was that simple... to use a geometrical set!!! & indeed i was in the default partbody

so best practice always create a geometrical set

Thank you again MrCatia & 3DCF :)


Super Moderator
Thank you Lapra for sharing Eric's answer that provided a simple solution to your question.
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