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Humbly seeking CAD-Related Career Advice

I would like to get into a CAD-related career job but I'm not sure which sector to venture into yet. I've narrowed down my choices to furniture drafting, mechanical drafting (Automotive), Design & Engineering (Retail & Consumer Products) and aeroplane drafting (aerospace). Correct me if there are any discrepancies about the sectors.

I'm a local and have graduated from a Diploma in Product Design & Innovation in Singapore. The software I've used before is Creo and Rhino. I've only recently started to learn Solidworks and Autodesk Inventor. I believe Creo is my "strongest" at this point.
  1. What are the steps I can take so that I can better "market" myself to the companies out there looking to hire drafters? I worked on a few projects in school before but I didn't put in my best at that time (and don't know where saved my completed projects)
  2. As of now, I plan to keep working on the above-mentioned software and work on some projects to showcase my skills thus adding it to my portfolios. But where and how can I find those projects? Should I search for some random objects/projects on the internet and work them out?
  3. I intend to use some social media platform like LinkedIn to showcase my skills & portfolio. Are there any other recommended platforms?
  4. I plan on taking up courses/certificates that would certify me as Software Certified/any other CAD-related subjects. Should I also think about taking up other related practical skills like leathercraft, wire and sheet-metal craft, elementary electricity, elementary woodworking, car repair to assist in my CAD journey? Should I also think about further pursuing my studies specifically in Drafting or Engineering (and maybe get a PE also)?
  5. Many companies are looking at those with work experiences. I've come across a company which was advised and referred to by a friend. However, this company is mainly working on Architectural, Civil and Structural (Bim and all that), which I'm not interested in. But what interest me is that based on all the employee's review, they appreciate the fact that they've been exposed to different projects (hence many connections can be made) and went through intensive in-house training learning AutoCAD, Revit and Microstation. There are some reviews where employees plan to switch to Mechanical Drafter instead after their 2 years of the contract. The only downside is that the starting pay is quite low but I don't mind. After the end of the 2 years, you have (1) work on more projects to build up your portfolio, (2) become a BIM trainer, (3) Join a client that you've worked with, (4) find another job (client) if you didn't like any of the company's clients, (5) be a contractor for the company. 20% admin fee shall be charged for each project.
In all, I just want to start my journey from somewhere (at least it's related) and build my way up from there. It might not be the ideal starting point that I wished for but I believe I can work it out along the way, with some advice if you may, from those who have been in the industry for some time.