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I have designed two type of general wrenches


One of them that is a type of flat wrench hasn't any patent and I have innovated it recently, and the other that is a new type of socket wrench has an official patent from Iran patent office and I invented it three years ago.

I have not presented them to any company yet, neither in Iran nor to an outside company. I mostly am interested to sell them to an European, American, Chinese or Russian or the other eastern.

Sadly America government encounters Iran unfairly and encourages the other western countries to continue limiting Iran in the international trade and banking relationships, even after removing the unfair and undue economic sanctions versus Iran that took long about 12 years!

Although Iran follows " resistant economy" and this type of national economy helped it to get not hurt from the provoked international economic sanctions but nonetheless continuing the lawlessly limitations, has created some problems for individuals like me.

For example, paypal or ebay that are two online financial and banking bridges between people and companies internationally, block accounts of Iranian individuals or corporations, and this is a very unfairly action that is done due to US the government's domination order on them.

However, I am seeking for an oversea tools company that I can sell my wrenches with an acceptable price. Can do you recommend the addresses of such western or eastern companies that are interested to buy the new ideas?

Thank you