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I need help making an expanding cylinder!


New member

I am trying to make a cylinder of sorts, with a "barb" on one end, that is split in half along the length of the part. I need it to have a hollow channel in the middle of it with a tapered end at the barb, such that when a rod is inserted into the channel and reaches the tapered end, it causes the two halves of the cylinder to spread apart expanding the barb. I tried to insert an image but kept getting error messages, so please follow this imgur link: https://imgur.com/a/ToKsqN4 to a *very* rough drawing for reference. The shaded portion is supposed to be the rod, and in the picture it ends about halfway between the barb and a stopper plate. The idea behind this part is that it can be inserted into a hole in another part (shown in red) with the rod retracted so the two halves are touching; and then when the barb is all the way through the hole, the rod would be inserted causing the end to expand and "grip" onto the red part. Does anyone have any tips or advice?

Thanks in advance!