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I want to present a bunch of designs professionally, appealingly, and consistently


First of all I want to take snapshots of my Solidworks models that look appealing from a product point of view. I also want to put several designs in sort of a matrix of pictures comparing all of the designs. I want the angles of the pictures on the computer to be consistent, and not haphazardly generated by moving the mouse around and hitting print-screen. Do any of you have any recommendations on how to add really spectacular looking color or 3D looking appeal? My designs are excellent from an engineering perspective but I need to go the distance in the look of the presentation, or it will be dismissed. Looking at high dollar company advertisements of products, I am always amazed at the look of new catalogs and think that to promote your sound work, it needs to look good. I have experimented a bit with the coloring as well as the angle view buttons near the top part of the control panel, but I am not too impressed right now.