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IGES file - separate into components/assemblies, 42,000 Patches


I've received a 250MB, IGES file which I need to take into max, for rendering and animation. When I open it in Rhino its all colour coded. Is there an easy way to separate the coloured parts into separate assemblies/components, then export each of those out to max. At the moment I've used the select by colour command, and manually picked up each piece.

The second issue I'm having is that its made up of 42,390 nurbs patches, when I export a part out as a 3DS file it comes in with a huge amount of separate poly patches, which are a nightmare to weld together.. How do I set up the export so that each part comes in with fewer patches, welded together..

Any help would be hugely appreciated.. I'm new to Rhino.. So be gentle please.