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Importing Blender into Catia


New member
There are quite a lot of graphics designers using Blender and they do some very realistic and accurate models.

I'm interested in reverse engineering the surface geometry from a Blender file.

Does anyone know a way of importing Blender files into Catia?

I will let some people suggest a few ideas and I'll post later (tomorrow) the process I've found!


New member
I apologize for the delay in replying.

So the only way to export a Blender file into Catia appears to be by exporting it as a .stl file and then reverse engineering the surfaces.

Now when opening the file it comes up as a mesh file, which is painful to reverse engineer.
What I've done in the past was use one of the two following options (using the Digitized workbench):

- extract cross-sections in the 3 axis and then close all the surfaces and clean up the ones that need cleaning up.
- use the 3D line tool to draw the main lines and then close the surfaces.

Now that was all fine with a relatively simple geometry (10k nodes)....but now I'm working on a very complex geometry which has over 500k nodes.

Any ideas how to reverse engineer the surfaces from the .stl file?
How is it done on a point cloud file?