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industrial animations - which software to use do get renderings like here?


New member
Hello everyone,

I am very new to this forum so at the beginning I am very sorry if there was already topic like this.

I study on mechatronic faculty and work with Autodesk Inventor softwere. It's fine but for one project I need to have my model animated. I have tried to use inventor built-in animation/simulation options but I found it very hard-to-use. What's more, I would really like to have in high photorealistic quality.

On the youtube I encountered animation of CNC router like this:


and my question here is: in which kind of software can I get CAD models animated like this?

I've read a little bit about programs like Maya or 4D Cinema but these ones are dedicated for artists. I am pretty sure this animation has been done by exporting cad model to some external soft. Even on the website of company doing this animation it's shown as if it was done in some CAD modeling soft (inventor I guess) and then somehow rendered into animation:


Any answers and tips would be highly appreciated! Thank you guys!!



New member
Anyone would help with that? I am pretty sure the technical animation similar to the one I linked may be done basing on CAD model. The company I mentioned above even show step by step how it's been done, like on the video below:


So, anyone has any tips which soft may be the best to get the result like in the animation linked above?

Thank you,


I have helped my client do similar animation.

You can do it using Blender (free) but high learning curve..

Or keyshot.