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Interesting new SW features to learn?


New member
Hello CADforum readers,

as a student Industrial Design Engineering in The Netherlands, I'll be starting my so called 'free assingnment' in a few weeks. This means I can phrase my own assignment, and execute it in 8 weeks (working 2 to 3 days a week).

Within my study programme I've learned the basics of SolidWorks, and because it interest me, I'd like to learn more about it by making it the subject of my 'free assignment'.
Do you know one or more SW features that are useful/challenging/cool to learn? I've thought about creating my own macro, but maybe this is a bit too challenging to do in 8 weeks?
Or do you think it would be more useful to use this time to learn to work with another CADprogram (broadening my horizon)?

Thank you very much!

With kind regards,
Els Boesveld


New member
I would suggest you to go for both i.e. master SolidWorks but at the same time check how same option/feature is being done in different CAD software. This will give you more ideas on how better you can utilize your skills to model up stuff. Also if you search on web, you'll find a lot of blogs on SolidWorks offering tutorials, tips and tricks and lot of other cool stuff.

Kevin De Smet

New member
Well, if you have access to Solidworks Premium you've got plenty of goodies. there's of course simulation, or maybe ScanTo3D where you can use a 3D scanner and then make a Solidworks model from the scan data!