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Intersect 3D Elements doesn't really intersect :)


New member
Welcome back.

One more question came to my mind while intersecting 3D curve (orange) with a plane in Shetcher using Intersect 3D Elements. After doing so everything seems to be ok. Intersection point appears. But... When zoomed it doesn't really lie on the (orange) curve. There is a visible gap between them.
Bez tytułu.jpg
(white line is a new one I made constrained to the intersection point)
Question arise how to get around this problem. Is it only visual issue or can it generate any problems in future while defining surfaces? Thanks guys


Super Moderator
It is probably just a visual thing; maybe from zooming in too much? The point should be the exact intersection between the curve and the sketch plane. You can verify this by measuring the distance between the point and the curve, and the point and the plane.