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Inventor Upgrade... Do I need to keep the old one?

Hi all,
Just had a quick question. I'm the only drafter at my job, and we own a single seat of Inventor. We also have the subscription update, so as the new releases come through, I get the upgrade.
I have Inventor 2013 on my laptop, and just added Inventor 2014. Is there any reason to NOT delete it from my laptop (2013 that is)?

And is there any way that I can move it from my laptop to another and use the 2013 on that one? I got a new serial number and product key with my new version. Was just wondering, if I can move it to another laptop so that if we get another drafter in here, they can have 3D software there....


New member
yes, 2014 is not dependent on 2013, you can uninstall the old one.

you can use 2013 on another machine also, provided you have "returned" the product key and serial using the application in the inventor folder.

If you're going to use 2013 on one machine and 2014 on another, note they are not backwards compatible and your colleague will not be able to open files you create in 2014.