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IronCAD 2009 promises great things for autocad users!

IronCAD "Next Generation" 2009 promises great things for autocad and other 2d software users! The CAXA Draft product, a similar version to the latest version of Autocad, will be embedded to form part of IronCAD "Next Generation" (Or IC2009) due for release in June. This offers a very exciting opportunity for current users of AutoCAD where users can easily transfer existing AutoCAD 2D data into IronCAD and into 3D!! Files can also be created in 3D and transferred into CAXA Draft and edited in the familiar autocad 2D format. This is completely unique to 3D modelling giving you the very best of both worlds and an easy method for moving you in to 3D CAD! To have look at a short demonstration of IronCAD 2009 please follow this link: YouTube - IronCADChannel's Channel

Try a free 30 day trial of the current IronCAD product by following the link...Free CAD - 30 day free trial of IRONCAD/INOVATE
You can also visit our website at IronCAD Software 3D & 2D Computer Aided Design IronCAD for an overview of the software.

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