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Is anyone working with SW answer my questions please ?


New member
Hi all, this is my first time here. I got into this "SW world" one month ago when decided to learn the software doing everyday tutorials. I like it very much and I would like to find a job in near future on this, not until I know the program good enough. Can someone who worked as a draughtsman/mechanical engineer answer some of my questions ?

1. Can you tell how is 1 day / or 1 week of a draughtsman ? How does the work goes, you receive a drawing of a component, and you have to sketch it and make a part in 3D and all the details, or you have to come up with your own design when creating a desired product without having dimensions/specifications ?

2. Do I have any chances of getting, starting a new job as a draughtsman in Solidworks only with my own experience without any specific diploma/qualification ? (Currently I have an IT engineering diploma, and worked 3 times as a CNC machine operator - still working, and 5 years experience as a cinema projectionist )

Any suggestions would be greatfull.

Thank you in advance,