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Is FreeStyle as a per-design workbench?


Is FreeStyle as a per-design workbench ( a per-design to attain a whole imagination of an object without dimensions and engineering calculations)?

In the other word, is it used to create an initial design for another main industrial designing in GSD or PD, or its final output can be used directly for a complete project in the industries?


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Sorry for the delay. I'm not sure I fully understand the question. Yes, surfaces (Freestyle or GSD) typically are the initial shape (pre-design), with the final detailed 3D model being done in Part Design (solids).
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I got it. I recently realized, all workbenches of Catia are connected to each other and sometimes for completing a project the user has to transfer his work to another workbench to add some new features to his design that just exist in the same section.

My question was because, I didn't see any sketch icon in FreeStyle workbench so I wondered how the designer can consider dimensions for his work.

Thank you