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Is there any way that I can transfer a Rhino 3D shape into Catia ?


A few days ago I created a 3D shape in Rhino and tried to transfer it to catia but I couldn't do that. The explanation and question are below:

I create an object with Rhino. How can I convert it to a Catia object? In the other word, how I can transfer a 3D shape from Rhino into Catia with the same details and operational flexibility?

I examined two different ways by saving a Rhino output file with "STL" and " DXF" format separately, but when I tried to import them into Catia a correct transformation didn't happen!

When I imported the Rhino file with "STL" format into 3D or 2D catia workbenches nothing appeared and when I used "DXF" format just a view from above was shown and I couldn't attain a perfect 3D shape or three 2D views in the draft.

Please tell me, is there any way that I can do this transformation correctly and perfectly?


You may have to use a CAD format not a mesh format. Have you tried STEP or IGES?
I do not have a tutorial on Catia. But here is a video showing Rhino model being imported in Solidworks as Part. I presume the process should be similar for Catia.


Hi Caroo

I didn't examine the two formats you mentioned, but I will examine them soon. I work with both Catia and Rhino but in recent months I mostly work with Rhino because of its easier operations. I often need to transfer a Rhino file into Catia, mostly for Drafting and rendering because Drafting of Catia is perfecter, also every rendering in Rhino (with my computer) takes long about 10 or 20 minutes (depending on its resolution).

I couldn't watch the video because the videos of some websites are filtered in our area

Thank you very much :)