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Isolating components and revealing hidden components in an assembly

Hello everyone

I am a newcomer both here and to using Catia.

I have started at Culham Centre for Fusion energy which is home to JET, the Joint European Torus experimental fusion reactor and also working on ITER, the next generation experimental fusion reactor at Cadarche in France.

I have extensive experience in SolidWorks (SW) and hope to "convert" my SolidWorks skills to Catia.

Consequently there are functions that I have found very useful in Solidworks that I hope to find an equivalent in Catia.

The first function is the SolidWorks tool "Isolate" . In an SW assembly I could select a component of interest, right click and select "Isolate". The component would then be visible with all other components hidden. An Icon would be visible on the screen that if selected would exit the "Isolate" and revert to the original display state.

The second function is the SolidWorks "Show with dependant" tool which would reveal any hidden components within an assembly at a single click.

Very much appreciate any suggestions you might have........



Super Moderator
I'm not sure if you're using the Mechanical Design version of CATIAV5, or the Architectural version. Sounds like both could be useful for your reactor project.

In the Mechanical Design version, I'm not aware of CATIA having the two tools you described. Both could added by writing CATIA macros or scripts. There are several other tools that are similar, such as Swap Visible Space and Sectioning, that help see objects inside other objects.

There might be similar tools in the Architectural version, but it's been too long since I've used version.

CATIA does have an ISOLATE command, but it does something totally different than what you described.


New member
Reg.isolate in Assembly


You can right click the product ....select inversion....which will select all other products in the assy except the current one. then right click on any of the selected part and click hide/show in the view tool bar.
hope it helps !!!