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Issue when forming a skin over the ribs for a fixed wing drone


So i have two issues with this model and wondering if anyone can advise on the best solution.

So i am working on wing from a drone that is both tapered and swept back. Issue 1) forms when first creating a boundary surface to connect the ribs up as the ribs are penetrating through the wing skin. issues2) when creating spars to connect the ribs, i can't figure out how i would draw a spar diagonally through planes.

Any help will be appreciated



I've taken a quick look at your model...For issue 1 I'm not sure there's enough in there for me to go at and assist properly. For issue 2 - you could do the rib as a separate part file and assemble it later. If you are preferring to do it multibody then you need to create a plane at the desired angle to extrude - e.g. create a plane so you can draw the cross section of a spar correctly. Alternatively, you may get away with drawing the profile and extruding along a direction (e.g.a sketch line) but I doubt it.