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Line Direction HELP!!!


New member
Hi could do with some help to turn of this irritating feature,
using old SW 2012.

When using 'lines' the direction you draw the line relative to your screen changes which point moves when you change the dimensions.
draw right and up, your origin stays in the same place when redimensioned
Draw left and down, the origin of the line moves.

I dont think I have ever started drawing a line anywhere other than where I wanted the line to be so find this function extremely irritating forcing me to work in one direction all the time and having to fix nodes.

I did see something when I first did the tutorials but cant find it again and cant seem to find the right combination of words to pull up anything from searches that comes close to even mentioning it so I cant turn it off.

Anyone got any ideas?


I tested in 2018 and couldn't reproduce, and have never heard of anyone complain about this before (ive used SW since 2006), so perhaps I am not understanding.

When drawing your lines I assume you would be relating them existing geometry or the origin in some way. In which case once you have one of the ends in place (e.g. on a model vertex or dimensioned to the origin) subsequent dimensions some just manipulate your lines in a logical manner.

Perhaps you could upload a video of what you are doing to ensure the problem is understood correctly?