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locating command in product tree

is there any easy way to find a command in product tree?
for example, i want to find and change radius value (or extrapolate) in the picture. how can i find it?
how can i locate where fillet (or extrapolate) shown in picture is done?

ctrl+f is not solution. there are too many fillets. this data in picture isn't which i'm working on. due to some privacy issues, i can't share my actual data.


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Select feature in graphic window, then Right mouse button and choose center graph. This will locate the operation in the tree.


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Many times, just double-clicking on a feature will take you to the definition of that feature, allowing you to edit it.


You can just right-click the area where the command is on the part and press E wich is the standard hot-key to Center graph, and you`ll see the command on your history tree.
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