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Loft and combine problem

Hello, new to Solidworks and new to the forum...Look forward to learning alot here.

I have a mirrored part here, and I have created a loft to fill in the area between. However, it will not let me combine the loft to the original mirrored part.
I'd like to shell this after it's combined. I used a projected curve to get my guiderails for the loft. Arcs are tangent to the original base arc. When I run the loft
it shows a gap between parts.

combine issue.JPG

frank jaeger

New member

To me it's not very clear what you are trying to do. Does Solidworks give an error message when trying to combine the solid bodies? are the solid bodies connected to each other?


New member
Hello! Quick question - are you working with surfaces or solids or both?

If you are working with solids, I have found that sometimes for complex shapes it is easier to start with surfaces and then Knit them together to form a solid body, rather than doing a couple solids and trying to Combine them.

I also don't recommend using projected curves. This is just my preference, but in my experience they are very temperamental and rarely work as well as a good old 3D sketch created by the Intersection or Convert sketch commands. (There are some things that curves are better than 3D sketches for, but from the looks of it, what you are doing would not be one of them.)

It would be easier to understand what you are trying to accomplish with a few more images, perhaps showing before and after you create the loft.