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loft tool in rhino


New member
I'm making a terrain-shaped thing with loft tool in rhino but I have a problem. Since the contour curves are different shapes and complicated, i realized that it is hard to loft. (please see my attached file) . Is there any easy way to make this curves into 3d object? I tried to use rhino terrain tool, but I'm afraid it might fill the hole of the highest contour; but the final object should be like volanos with crators ( I mean, the highest contour curve is a hole thru the object to the bottom).

The other way that I tried is, I splitted the single circular curve into many separated arcs, to make it easier to use loft tool. but in this case there is a problem the edges of lofted surfaces look discontinuous one another. So the total final object looks so weird.

Please let me know! I would appreciate that.