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LOG10 Function not working in Solidworks


Hi, first time poster here - please let me know if I posted in the wrong place!

I have an issue with Solidworks that I cannot find the answer to anywhere.. I am trying to set a dimension using a Logarithmic formula with Base 10. In Microsoft Excel if I use the formula LOG(2) I get 0.30103 but in Solidworks, the Base seems to be 16 and gives me 0.6931. I looked it up and it seems that Solidworks has a LOG10 function for exactly this use (http://help.solidworks.com/2021/english/SolidWorks...). The problem is, when I enter LOG10(2) into the dimension box, it doesn't recognise it as a formula.

Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong, or if there is a fix for this?

Thank you in advance!


looks like log10 is only available for simulation/motion studies, I get the same as you, a standard dimension only recognizes Log as a function


Hello @Jolyon,
Hope you are doing good.

I can help you with the issue you are facing.
kindly reach me over my email or S K (Y) P E to discuss further.
looking forward to hear from you.

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So I actually have the answer now.. as Cadasio pointed out, Log10 is only for motion. As a dimension function in Solidworks, you must enter log(2)/log(10) and it will give you 0.30103 (y)