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Looking for a Program Calculates a Volume


New member
Hello dear SOLIDWORKS users i would appreciate your help about the follow question:

First i have got dimensions from a existing piece, like a Piramydal Trunk, it Volume (also all its dimensions), Density, Formule to Calculate its Volume, etc. Also i have drawn the piece in SOLIDWORKS 2007.

I´m looking for a method, program or something else that helps me to Generate New Pieces after I introduce the Required weight. I mean, I think it could be possible to have a Kind of program (maybe with SOLIDWORKS API) that calculates (with iterations) the Volume, obviously using the next Volume Formule: V = 1/3h (B + (BB')^1/2 + B'); here with some constants definite by default (with all its dimensions) for any Weight.

I hope someone could help me to find relate information to this point.

Thank you so much for your attention.

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